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May 25 2024

Star Lake Online Gear Store

Start shopping for great Star Lake Gear and more!...

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Jun 08 2024

2024 Annual Membership Meeting

Saturday, June 8th, 2024 - CAMP JOY...

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Family Frenzy Fishing Tourney

Registration is open for the SLPOA Family Frenzy Fishing Tourney to be held on Saturday, July 27th, ...

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Membership in the Star Lake Property Owners' Association is voluntary. You can choose to be a Full Member or an Associate Member.

The Star Lake Property Owners' Association (SLPOA) is a community united by a shared love for Star Lake and a commitment to its preservation and well-being. Our association is built on the principles of voluntary membership, dedication to the lake's conservation, and the collective effort of our members.


Our Mission

Star Lake is a remarkable gift of created beauty and natural resource. The Star Lake Property Owners' Association and its Board of Directors are dedicated to its protection and enhancement for all citizens who wish to enjoy its benefits in this generation and for generations to come.

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